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Welcome to my Nintendo page.

This is a home hosted website, in my house somewhere in Selangor, using a Streamyx connection, so yeah, it will be slow for some of you (or maybe all of you, LOL).

First of all, I am a Nintendo gamer. Well who doesn’t love Nintendo?! They make many great awesome games!

Anyway I the owner of 2 NIntendo 3DS (normal old school 3DS and the New 3DS XL). I also owned the Nintendo Wii U, anyway, here are my Nintendo Friend Code :

New 3DS XL : 4897-6764-1774 – MaUi

Wii U : <Sorry, I forgot, LOL>

Drop me an email at azmawee[at] with your 3DS “Friend Code” for me to add you back. You can find me on facebook too,

Here is my Mii character wearing a Gunnar MLG Phantom gaming glasses!!.. well sorf of :)

You can find all of my Nintendo related info, news and stuff here:


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