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Streetpass, Find Mii and Puzzle Swap tips.

If you don’t have anyone nearby to StreetPass with, you can still play the Mii Plaza games Puzzle Swap and Find Mii games by spending Play Coins. You earn more play coins the more you walk around with the 3DS. A green light at the upper-right corner of the 3DS will appear when you’ve successfully made a StreetPass. After you’ve StreetPassed with the same person multiple times, you can write a personalized greeting. StreetPasses don’t always happen immediately—if you sit two 3DSes next to each other and don’t get a StreetPass for a while, don’t be surprised. You can hold the right shoulder button R to speed up Find Mii and Puzzle Swap games and to increase the speed of the people at your gate.

Go Over the 1000 Step Limit

You can change the clock on your Nintendo 3DS and reset the calendar and pedometer steps taken (for that day). Just like Animal Crossing, you can get around the 1000 step limit for coins by adjusting the clock (without Resetti).

Find Mii Magic Types and Other Tips

Each Mii you collect via StreetPass becomes a “unit” you can use to slog through the dungeons. Each attack and bit of progress made will carry over to the next time you enter Find Mii, so don’t fret if your collected Miis go into battle and immediately run away.
If you StreetPass with the same person multiple times, that person’s Mii will level up and become more powerful in battle.
The shirt color of your collected units determines what sort of magic they use, so try to find StreetPass friends with different shirt colors to gain access to all magics.

Magic list:

  • Black: darkens the room (one will darken a dazzling room). 
  • Brown: summons random colour level 1 or 2 bunny hero (using combo magic will summon a hero equal to the team’s level, max. 7).
  • Light blue: freezes all ghosts (you can hit a ghost till the ice breaks, giving maximum hits).
  • Green: doubles level of next hero (max. 7, effect will disappear if you use next on the hero, two green heroes will increase the next hero’s level to the highest level)
  • Dark blue: does damage to all ghosts in the room, does double damage to Blood Ghosts, does not work against blue ghosts (two cools fiery room). This is water magic.
  • Light green: puts ghosts to sleep for a random amount of time. (sometimes it gives you maximum hits).
    Orange: invigorates Heroes (allowing them to get one extra sword strike. With combo magic, you will be able to get 2 extra hits.)
  • Pink: makes your heroes full of daring (heroes will always land a critical hit, but accuracy is greatly reduced.)
  • Purple: poisons all ghosts in the room for 1 damage after each end of turn (2 damage from a combo magic).
  • Red: does damage to all ghosts in the room, does double damage to Blue Ghosts, does not work against Blood Ghosts (two heats icy room). This is fire magic.
  • White: lights up the room (all heroes run away until you have a white hero in room 12 in Find Mii 1, or second to last room in Find Mii 2 secret quest).
  • Yellow: brings a sandstorm in the room, can do damage like blue and red magic in Find Mii 2 (lowers all heroes chance to hit, two clears poison gas).

Note: Some ghosts are immune to certain magic, e.g. the blood ghost is invulnerable to red magic and a blue ghost is immune to dark blue magic.

Also note: You need a Mii with a yellow shirt in order to damage an enemy that’s holding up a yellow shield. There may be other color shields—use Miis with the matching-color shirts to take ’em out.

You can hold the right shoulder button R to speed up the game.

Mii Hats from Find Mii

Here’s a list of hats you can unlock by progressing through Find Mii. A (1) appears next to hats you unlock on your first play through Find Mii. Hats with (2) next to them are unlocked on your second run through the game.

No Hat
Mario Hat (1)
Luigi Hat (2)
Toad Hat (2)
Bowser Hat (2)
Red Pikmin Hat (1)
Blue Pikmin Hat (2)
Yellow Pikmin Hat (2)
Link Hat (1)
Samus Hat (1)
Metroid Hat (2)
Kirby Hat (1)
Cat Hat (1)
Dog Hat (1)
Bunny Hat (2)
Crown (1)
Ultimate Hat (2)

Find Mii II

Collect all the hats in Find Mii to unlock Find Mii II.

Bonus Find Mii II hats

Arwing Hat: Successfully complete Restless Rise – South (Room 5).
Beehive Wig: Successfully complete Throne Room twice.
Boo Hat: Successfully complete the first room, third playthrough.
Cheeseburger Hat: Successfully complete Granite Golem – (Room 8, Top Path).
Dark Lord Helmet: Defeat the Dark Lord three times, having every room in Find Mii 2’s regular quest completed.
Donkey Kong Hat: Defeat Armored Demon – (Castle Of Darkness – second to last room).
Epona Hat: Successfully complete Roaming Mummy and Marauding Mummy – (Castle Of Darkness – Courtyard).
Floral Hat: Successfully complete the Forest Of Sorrow Exit.
Lacy Headband: Successfully complete the Dolorous Deepwood – West in the special quest, middle path.
Ninja Hood: Successfully complete Diabolic Alter – East (Room 7, Bottom Path).
Panda Hat: Successfully complete the second stage of Find Mii 2’s special quest, middle path (Ransacked Ruins – West).
Peach’s Crown: Successfully complete the first room in Find Mii 2’s regular quest a second time.
Pirate Hat: Successfully complete the third room along the bottom path of Find Mii 2.
Pizza Hat: Successfully complete the first room in the Castle Of Darkness, third playthrough.
Prince’s Crown: Successfully complete Dark Lord for the first time.
Shyguy Mask: Successfully complete the locked room in the regular quest.
Soccer: Successfully complete room before the locked room.
Tomato Hat: Successfully complete the Blood Ghost – (Merciless Mountain – West).
Top Hat: Successfully complete Bewitching Bog – East (Room 3, Top Path).
Triforce Hat: Successfully complete the fourth room on the second playthrough of Find Mii 2.
Wario Hat: Defeat the Dark Lord twice.
Warp Pipe Hat: Successfully complete the first room in Find Mii 2’s special quest for the first time.
Yoshi Hat: Successfully complete the first room.

Puzzle Swap Tips

The goal of Puzzle Swap is to complete two separate puzzles by collecting pieces that other people have found in their StreetPassing adventures.
You can pick just one puzzle piece from another Mii’s puzzles to complete your own. Pick pieces you don’t see often.
In our experience, pieces for the puzzle on the left (with Bowser) are less common. If you meet someone that has a piece from the Bowser puzzle, you should probably pick that one.
You can hold the right shoulder button R to speed up the game.


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