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My Kid Icarus AR cards list


This is my Kid Icarus AR card list (MaUi). I’m also looking to trade the duplicate cards with other that I still don’t have, my trade priority are first the US card, second the UK card and third the JP card, for example, card no 008 Dark Lord Gaol, I have both US and UK cards, then the UK card is up for a trade.

Change log :
28 April 2012  -  List born
15 May 2012   -  New cards in purple
16 May 2012   -  New cards in blue and new list of "ready-to-trade" cards
29 May 2012   -  New cards in green, trade list not updated (yet)
3 June 2012   -  New list now using google docs
6 June 2012   -  New stage cards added
13 July 2012  -  New cards added
14 July 2012  -  All stage card completed!

List completed in 2012!! Open-mouthed smile



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8 years ago

Do you also have it blank, with just the numbers and the names of the cards? If so is there also the Remark colom, because in Europe certain cards have a mark which they don’t have on the US cards. It would be awesome if you had a list like that for me so I can fill it in myself :P
If you have it, could you e-mail it to me
my e-mail: [email protected]

thanks a lot :P


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