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Bad disk detached and I wonder why, why, why, why, why.

In the last few days (or weeks, I’m not sure how long), one of my hard drive from one or the mirror array has been detached without my knowledge in my home FreeBSD server, acting as my NAS Storage. Luckly it was just a sata connection issue, after a quick fix, re-attaching back the lost […]

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GPT, Adding New Harddisk in FreeBSD

Recently I bought a new harddisk to replace my corrupted one in my FreeBSD home server. I’m running a FreeBSd 8.4-RELEASE-p16 OS and bought a new 3TB capacity harddisk for the replacement. This will required a GPT formating as traditional BSD disklabel/MBR formating (From sysinstall) have the 2TB capacity limitation and would not recognized the […]

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