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My HP Proliant Microserver

Well, this might be late, but here are the pictures of my HP Proliant Microserver, very small and very neat. Inside the server there is an Internal USB port, build in to the mainboard, so I install and run the FreeBSD OS directly from my 16GB USB flash drive that attached to the internal usb port, without the ugly scene like putting it on the outside usb port.

Well, the USB flash drive obviously having a write speed bottleneck but for the critical apps such as squid cache server that need fast write speed, I just redirect them to the internal harddisk. I also can clone the FreeBSD OS main drive which is the 16GB USB flash drive to another flash drive as a backup and this configuration also save me time if something happen to the main OS drive, I can just switch it with the backup that I made easily. 

I had to order an extra NIC from HP as this server only have 1 internal Gigabit NIC (build in) and the card need to be  a “low profile” pci-e card, means the bracket for the card need to be short compare to the normal card, not sure how to explain this but you can see the picture from the gallery below.

The installation and configuration was done on a netbook before transfer to the server, and so far this server has serve me well, it was very stable and extremely low power consumption, which save me on the electricity bill every month as this was on 24/7. The only thing was after almost a year serve 24/7, the PSU fan died, but I got a replacement fan for only RM6.00 per piece in Jalan Pasar KL.

This small FreeBSD Microserver serve as my internet gateway, hosting this website (yeah you hear it, I’m hosting this website at home using Maxis Home Fiber connection), email server (pop3, smtps and web-based), Internal DNS server (yeah I’m using my own dns server), database server, proactive firewall (SEC+Snort), NAS (using samba), DHCP server, and also running squid cache server.

Well, that’s about it, I love this server and I recommended it if you are looking to buy a new server for small office or for your home server.


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6 years ago


I noticed you seem to be from Malaysia (I’m from Singapore myself). How did you get hold of your HP ProLiant Microserver? Do they sell them in Malaysia?

I’m considering building my own home server for web, NAS and HTPC usage and was considering the ProLiant Microservers. Unfortunately they don’t sell them in the HP web store here.

Would appreciate if you could share some insight on how you managed to get one, as well as the power consumption (idle, typical, max) and noise levels. What is the model of your server, and its current specs?



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