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Pokemon X/Y Lunch Party, Oct 12, 2013.

The Gathering was held in Wendy’s restaurant (Berjaya Time Square) by StreetPass Malaysia group, and it was easily the biggest 3DS gathering I’ve seen in Malaysia so far, with a lot of fun activities. Most of us managed to get 100 streetpass in that day hence unlocked the hardest achievement in the Mii Plaza, the achievement for 100 streetpass in one day.

Pokemon tourney also been held and so was a lucky draw event. We also saw a few seller sell their stuff outside Wendy’s, along with Kyo (Kyo Mart). I managed to get one copy of Pokemon Y on that day even-tho I didn’t pre-order it (Thanks a lot Kyo!!). People who pre-order the game from Kyo also come to collect their copies and created a massive line between Wendy’s and Subway.

In the earlier days, Steven (the owner of StreetPass Malaysia and gathering organizer) planned to create a normal 3DS gathering, where he expected to have around 10 to 20 people maximum, but it turn out more then 150 people going, but from the gathering itself, I estimated more then 300 people comes, some with Pokemon cosplay! AWESOME!!

Animal Crossing Malaysia group also planned to gather here, but due to overwhelming crowd they were force to gather in Subway (opposite Wendy’s). I’ve meet a lot of new friends from both gathering and groups, and it’s super AWESOME!. As usual, enjoy the pictures.


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